Britney Spears Videos
This tumblr is dedicated to Britney's legendary videos.

It is ran by Andrea (BritneyStans)
The official tumblr for Britney Spears is following this blog, as well as my MAIN Blog, BritneyStans. You should probably follow them both too ;)
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iconicbritney asked: Really like your blog, keep up the good work.. Congrats with your 3K followers! XOXO IconicBritney


Thank you!! Appreciate it! I’m following you back! It comes from BritneyStans which is the main blog on this account! Xo

Britney Spears - Someday Happy Mother’s Day Britney!!


CONGRATS TO @Britneyspears "OOH LA LA" WON on the Radio Disney Music Awards 2014! It won for Best Song That Makes You Happy! It sure does make me happy along with the music video with her boys! :)

1998 - 2013 

(Source: matafari, via godneyonmyradar)

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